Yesterday was Father's Day. I've been a dad for eight years now and I love it. We don't make a huge deal about it in our family. There is maybe a card bought, but we don't spend a bunch of money on it.

My daughter has been making me and my wife gifts since she was old enough to run a crayon. A few years ago she made me some shooting targets out of construction paper. I couldn't shoot them, but I eventually let my son shoot Nerf darts at them.

For Mother's Day I took her to the store to buy some pipe cleaners and little white cupcake liners to make into flowers. She made the flowers for my wife and it was really cute.

Last night, I had not received a card or anything, which is fine (My son Rockley came up to me totally on his own and said "Happy Father's Day, Daddy!" That was enough). Then as I was getting ready for bed Jackie comes in and hands me a vase with flowers she made and said "Happy Father's Day!"

I thanked her and set them on my nightstand.

Later, after my wife crawled into bed I suddenly had a thought pop into my head: "Were those the same flowers she gave Crystal?"

I asked Crystal and she said to check the card tied to the vase.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7
Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

I guess they were. We had a pretty good laugh!

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