And the cases of animal neglect continue.

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You may remember back in February we told you about over 40 dogs that were rescued from an unlicensed breeder in Lee County, Iowa. Those animals were crammed into cages and many times the cages were stacked on top of one another. Well, according to WHO-13, hundreds more were just rescued from the same breeder. They saved another 225 animals that included "dogs, goats, chickens, donkeys, ducks, geese, peacocks, turkeys, a miniature horse, a pig, reptiles, and other small animals," according to the report.

These animals lived in horrendous conditions being packed into cages or tiny enclosers, and not having access to food and water. It was a sad sight to see. Thankfully, organizations like the ARL of Iowa along with local law enforcement were able to take these animals from these conditions and get them the care they need and deserve. Photos below show some of the variety of animals rescued.

The Animal Rescue League reported that "David and Gina Sams of Argyle have been arrested." The couple has been "charged with seven counts of animal neglect." More charges could come as the investigation continues.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Animal Rescue League of Iowa


The Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa is handling all of the treatment for the animals. If you would like to help support them you can do so here.

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