Bears in Minnesota are still hibernating, but unfortunately, one bear got woken up early. According to Northern News Now a bear in Wannaska, Minnesota was hibernating in a culvert under a road when the area filled with melting snow and ice trapping the poor bear for days.

Witnesses who reported the incident said the bear seemed very distressed. I am sure they were with having to deal with this after just waking up from hibernation. The DNR in a team of four people from the Twin Cities set out to rescue the bear. They used a long pole with a tranquilizer on the end and the bear was out in around 10 minutes.

Between the four of them, they were able to pull the bear out of the deep snow and ice. Their bear biologist examined the bear who overall seemed to be in good health. he is a make weighing about 375-400 pounds and is around 6 years old.

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"The DNR says if you come upon a bear, at your home or in the wild, please don’t bother it. They say people tried to dig the bear out. He was also fed a variety of items including six Poptarts, a head of lettuce, a dead sucker minnow, wet cat food, bird seed, and Swedish Fish. Officials say these aren’t good for bears to eat. Luckily, bears don’t have the desire to eat in the winter, and this one didn’t."

I am sure that the people that came upon the bear felt sorry for him and were just trying to help, but obviously, that was very dangerous. Thankfully the crew from the DNR were able to rescue this bear. He was safely transferred to a state game sanctuary to continue hibernating.

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