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A strange sight in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Wednesday morning. At approximately 9:00 AM on May 3rd, Cedar Falls officials were called to an unusual roadway scene.

Authorities were directed to the intersection of Hudson Road and University Avenue where someone reported that a severed human limb was lying in the middle of the roadway.

Upon closer inspection, it looked like a human foot...

In reality, it was a fake human foot...actually a set of feet.

Officials quickly figured out that these road impediments were actually a set of rubber feet. They were collected by their proper owners, according to a statement from Cedar Falls Public Safety.

The case is now closed.

So, nothing strange was a-foot...

It was a toe-tally strange experience...

You'd have to be completely sole-less not to freak out over this incident...

Canva/KM/Google Maps
Canva/KM/Google Maps

Local authorities are on high alert after a corpse was discovered in Waterloo earlier in the week. A mushroom hunter discovered a tent in a wooded area near La Porte Road. Inside of this tent was a dead baby, that some officials say has been there for some time.

Read more about this developing story here. Currently, officials are trying to determine the identity of the deceased person that was discovered.

Read the full statement from the Cedar Falls Public Safety Department down below!

If you or someone you know just so happens to have a photo of the incident or are familiar with the owner of this foot, feel free to message the station through our app.

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