Well here's something you don't see every day in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, especially two days away from the month of December.

A man walking barefoot in shorts in late November. Santa is packing up his sleight and heading our way in less than 30 days, right? If this keeps up, he might be wearing a tank top.

If you thought last winter was a little to arrive, this year Old Man Winter is really procrastinating.

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I spotted this guy walking down Louise Avenue on my way to lunch on Monday afternoon, November 29th. To look at the picture, you would think it was more like July 29th.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am no fan of cold, winter weather. So needless to say, I am loving this tropical temptation that Mother Nature is serving up at the moment. But, I also realize this weather is definitely out of order for this part of the country. The great majority of us this time of year are busy dreaming of a white Christmas and a chance to fire up the Ski-doo and go for a spin.

For Pete's sake, chestnuts are roasting on an open fire in most department stores right now. The weather has been so nice lately, Jack Frost could be sipping on a Stroh's. It just seems weird to me to hear all these Christmas songs playing when it's 66 degrees outside in Sioux Falls...in November! Talk about bizarro world!

No need to worry snow lovers, I'm sure Ma Nature and Old Man Winter are busy scheming up snowmageddon somewhere. A sheet of ice and several feet of snow will be coming your way soon enough. I just pray it's still not on the weather menu in May.

For now, my advice is to break out your cargo shorts like this guy in the picture and continue to enjoy a nice slice of this South Dakota spring-like weather in what will soon be December. 


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