Sioux Falls is BOOMING!  We have a red hot economy and the job market.  The city is one of the country's best places to start a business.  Crime is low.  The retail and entertainment options rival many cities our size.  Sioux Falls is clean and welcoming.  With so many great things going on, it could be tough to find things you would want to change about Sioux Falls.  I'll give it a shot:

1.  Hot in summer, cold in winter.  Yes, these things typically happen in a four-season climate, but can something be done about 30 below zero in winter and 95 with 100% humidity in the summer?  My dream forecast?  Sunny and 75,  Every day.

2.  Don't be such a chicken.  Sioux Falls has some great chicken places.  However, one is missing.  Chick-fil-a.  USD and UDSU each have one and the Sioux City mall has two!  This is one of Sioux Falls' most requested fast food joints.  It is time.

3. Night-time road construction.  Minneapolis or Denver folks would call the Sioux Falls "rush hour" cute.  Our drive times are relatively short, but when the road construction season is underway, all bets are off.  Many cities only close lanes at night.

4. A new, modern overpass for 41st Street and I-29.  The current bridge causes dangerous bottlenecks on the state's busiest street during peak drive times.  The modern 12th Street and I-29 overpass has greatly increased traffic flow in that area.  Let's copy and paste that on 41st.  Build it at night, of course.  

5.  Can we get an industrial-sized "Little Trees" air freshener of Smithfield?  New Car Scent.


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