Streaming services have completely changed how we watch our favorite movies. No need to go to the store to buy the physical DVD version anymore!

And with the ability of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and the latest addition to the lineup, Disney +, we can watch some of our favorite films and TV shows in 4K.

But how can I watch 4K programs within Disney+? Well, thanks to allconnect here's the solution.

First off, you will need these two things: a good internet connection (hopefully you already have one) but one that is at least 25 Mbps download speed and a 4K compatible TV.

If you don't have a TV that can support 4K then a tablet, laptop, or a mobile phone that supports 4K will work just fine.

After you have already logged into Disney+ or have opened up the mobile app then navigate to the home screen and click on the 'movies' section.

From here, you should then see a tab for 'Ultra HD and HDR' click on this to see every movie that is currently offered on Disney+ in these resolutions.

The platform had 119 movies in this quality during the month of May but has surly gone up over the past five months or so. However,

"there’s no such category for Disney Plus’s TV shows, but it’s easy enough to tell which ones you can stream in 4K. All of Disney Plus’s originals, like The Mandalorian and The Imagineering Story, can be streamed in 4K HDR. The rest of the shows on Disney Plus are in HD"- allconnect.

Source: allconnect

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