I believe that "Gym-phobia" is a real phobia, it's scary going into that big gym when your new to working out or haven't done so in a long time! So I thought I would go talk to the experts and ask their advice for those of us that have anxiety going to the gym.

Here is a list of ways that you can feel more comfortable from Kyle Anderson, Manager at Bodyworks 24 Hour Fitness. Kyle has a Bachelor Degree of Science in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Do some research before you step in the gym: With all the workouts and fitness articles on the internet and in magazines, a person can get a great idea of what to do before even starting!  Also, check with you facility to see if they offer free classes, they’re a great way to learn about exercise & to meet other people who are into fitness.

Find a gym that has what you want: if you want to lift, find a gym with weights. If you want to swim, find a gym with a pool.  Don’t commit yourself to something that doesn’t interest you, your just setting yourself up for failure.

Check with the Staff: See what rules & regulations that gym has, this way you won’t tick anyone off on accident.

Get shown how to properly use equipment: the staff at a fitness center are there to help the members, so if there is a machine or something you don’t understand, ask the staff to show you how to use it properly & safely. *As a fitness Center employee, we are watching you use the equipment wrong & wanting to assist you anyways!

Where proper attire: don’t wear cloths to the gym that will make you feel self-conscious when your moving around working out. Mel tip: Wear black and looser fitting clothes it will look and feel like your skinnier and more confident!

Invite a friend: having a friend will help you to feel more comfortable, plus it is scientifically proven that working out with a partner increases your outcomes.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people at the gym: Don’t be intimidated to talk to a person who looks like they know what they’re doing, in my personal experience these fitness type people are more than willing to give people tips & advice to help a beginner.

Make a Commitment: Just like anything in life, the more you go to the gym & get more comfortable with your surroundings & what you’re doing, the more confident you will feel while there.

EVERYONE WAS NEW ONCE: remember no one popped out of the womb with a barbell in there hand, everyone had a 1st day in the gym at some point.  So don’t feel like people are starring at you or judging you in the gym.  In my personal experience people who work out or regularly enjoy when they see new people at the gym because they know that person can really improve their lives with a little hard work.

These are things that make it fun for me, I make sure I pack a bag with girly things like a nice smelling perfume, something cute to change in after, some of my favorite make up to touch up after the gym. I also fill up my phone with music I really enjoy and that has a good beat, it helps me get through the work out so much faster. (And yes, sometimes I quietly sing along). Also schedule it in your calendar and stick to it!

Talking to Sam Johnson, assistant manager at LA Weight Loss, she suggests if you just can't get to the gym there are some alternatives to going there. Work out at home, either go for a brisk 20 minute walk every day. Making sure you strech well before and after. Or use a work out DVD. Mel tip: I like the old school Tae bo dvd.  Little to money invested in these options and very do-able.

And there is one place besides home that there won't be judgement is at LA Weight Loss. They have a 20-30 minute work out available with all the equipment and you don't have to use their weight loss plan to use the equipment. Plus its affordable, $10 a month.