How did you decide on a name for your cat?  For us, it just kinda happened.  She wasn't originally our cat.

One day we heard some meowing about the house coming from the downstairs. We went to my son's room and found a little snow white kitten hidden in his bedroom closet.

Our son begged us to keep the kitten.  He said he would take care of it.  He'd feed it.  He'd change it's litter box.  He said if it had to go back to the farm, where he had liberated it, it would die.

So we said, OK.  It was our son's cat.  Then about 3 weeks later, it became my wife's cat.

We never really got around to naming it. It was mostly just called it "Here Kitty!"

As it grew older, meaner, and fuzzier, we started to refer to her as "The Fur Pig," a term we borrowed from some dear friends of ours.  The name stuck.  So far she doesn't seem to care.

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