I have trouble falling asleep in complete silence. My brain will just keep thinking up new things to think about and keep me awake. White noise or classical music used to work but doesn't anymore. Now murder puts me to sleep.

Yes, that sounds completely crazy. But don't worry, I'm not about to become a serial killer. I'm just watching Forensic Files on Netflix.

Shows about real-life crime, especially murder, are among the most popular things on television. And it isn't new. Forensic Files started back in 1996 and ran for 15 years on four different networks. Cold Case Files ran for 18 years starting in 1999. The First 48 has been running since 2004 and will probably be on forever because we love murder.

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I'm not the only one. This morning I had several people tell me that Forensic Files is their go-to fall asleep method. Almost all of those people said someone else thought they were weird, or they themselves thought they were weird for falling asleep to the bedtime stories from hell. But it works.

The main reason I think Forensic Files in particular works for me is because of the buttery smooth calm yet mildly creepy voice of narrator Peter Thomas. His voice is soothing enough to not excite or irritate you, yet it does not excite me to the point of keeping me awake.

Cold Case Files, which is also running on Netflix, does not work at all for me to fall asleep for the same reason Forensic Files knocks me out, the narrator. Bill Kurtis's voice is interesting to me. When he talks I pay attention. And when I pay attention I can't sleep.

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