When individuals hear about South Dakota, they usually think cold and snow. Although there are a significant number of days with frigid temperatures as well as plenty of ice and snow, South Dakota also experiences lots of sunshine.  The number of sunny days in the state actually might surprise you.

BestPlaces has been keeping track of the number of sunny days across the country including here in South Dakota.  Based on its research and study, South Dakota has 213 sunny days on average each year.  That statistic is even higher than the national average.

The entire United States has on average 205 sunny days a year.  So I guess that means you can call South Dakota the "tropical state of the Midwest."

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BestPlaces found that South Dakota is pretty dry for the most part.  On average, the state only has about 80 days of precipitation. This includes all the rain, snow, sleet, and hail that falls in South Dakota. The rest of the country gets approximately 106 days of some form of precipitation. Even when it rains in South Dakota, it's significantly less when compared to the rest of the United States.

South Dakota gets roughly around 22 inches of rain each year.  The country gets almost double the amount of rain with 38.1 inches a year.  Snow dominates the state with an average of 38.6 inches a year.  The average snowfall in the United States? Almost 28 inches a year.

The next time someone tells you that South Dakota is just full of "ice, snow, and cold" weather, chances are that individual just needs more sunshine in his/her life.  Be sure to remind that person it’s time to soak up some vitamin D in South Dakota!

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