It's that time of year when more and more vacationers are heading to our nation's national parks, and this video is yet another reminder of just how wild an encounter with the animals at our favorite destinations can be.

In a matter of moments, a Yellowstone Park Ranger went from warning tourists to stay away from an aggressive-looking Grizzly, to having to fire at the bear itself to keep it at bay.

We all know that Grizzly Bears can be hostile, and that's especially the case when the animal feels threatened.

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It all started when two bears were wandering around near a popular road in Yellowstone. Naturally, cars began to stop to watch the bears. Eventually, a park ranger showed up and shouted at the crowd to get back in their vehicles, and it was at this moment when one of the bears spontaneously charged the ranger.

The bear obviously felt threatened by the ranger's voice and within a blink of an eye was within yards of the man. At that point, the ranger fired rubber bullets and bean bag rounds at the beast to get it to stop charging.

Luckily, the tactic worked and the grizzly turned around, but it all could have ended up much worse for those involved had it not been for the quick thinking of that Yellowstone Park Ranger.

You can watch the full video in the YouTube link provided below.

Story Source: Jay Dawg via YouTube

Story Source: East Idaho News

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