If you're a fan of dipping your fries into a milkshake this is something you are well aware of. McDonald's has an unfortunate reputation for its delicious ice cream products being unavailable because their ice cream machines are always broken.

Now if you are really jonesing for a McFlurry you can check to see if it will be available before you go. McBroken.com is a simple map site that will show you all of the McDonald's in your area and whether or not the ice cream machine is functioning at the given locations.

As of this writing, and assuming the information is actually accurate, the ice cream machines are currently down at three of the seven Sioux Falls McDonald's locations. According to the website, South Louise, North Cliff, and East 26th Street are all currently afflicted with broken ice cream machines. No cones, no milkshakes, the horror.

The website was started by Rashiq Zahid. He is using a program he developed to use the McDonald's app to try to order ice cream to determine whether or not the ice cream machine is working.

He tweeted out that he is placing an order at every McDonald's in the country to find out which machines are broken. That order is worth $18,752.

So if you have a strong desire to have some ice cream from McDonald's, check out McBroken.com and save yourself a failed trip to the wrong location.

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