I like milk. I drink it with breakfast and supper most days. But every now and then an older jug makes it into the house.

This past Saturday, December 14, 2019, I was polishing off a jug, drinking from the jug of course. After taking a big swig I lowered the jug and happened to see the "best by" date on it. It was December 9, five days ago. I didn't think anything of it. It tasted fine.

But how long is milk still safe to drink after the date on the container? According to TasteOfHome.com, all milk in an opened container is good until it is between four and seven days after the date on the side. If the container is unopened whole milk it is good for five to seven days. All of the reduced fat varieties of milk are good for seven days after the date.

As for milk just sitting out, I guess the FDA says if milk has sat out for two hours it is no longer safe to consume. I guess I should have thrown those jugs out the kids left out, but no one got sick.

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