Besides having keys in one hand, you can almost guarantee that South Dakota residents will have their cell phones in the other.  Seriously....South Dakotans cannot live without their phones.

People now are even more attached to their mobile devices than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic started.  According to a new study from, 3,400 Americans were surveyed to determine how long an individual can last without his/her cell phone.

On the national side, a person can last 1.6 days without a cell phone.  For South Dakota, residents can last only a whopping 12 hours without their cell phones...we truly have F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out).

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Think about it. Almost every aspect of our daily lives is stored in one device that fits in the palm of our hand.  At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals were mandated to work from home and most of us experienced restrictions when it came to dining out at restaurants. Heck, no one could even date someone in a conventional manner. reports a single-status person's "device usage has increased by over a third (34%) since the start of the pandemic. However, a not-so-romantic 47% of those in relationships admit that their cell is the first thing they look at in the morning, before even speaking to their partner!"  Overall, 34% of people stated their device usage did increase during COVID-19.

So how does South Dakota compare to surrounding states and the rest of the country?  There is an Interactive cellphone site you can check out to see for yourself!  Our neighbors in Minnesota indicated they can last 1.8 days without their cell phones.

How long can you tolerate being without your cell phone?

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