Over the year there have been horror stories shared from generation to generation. From sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with a bird that's either prepared to perfection or undercooked, because it wasn't thawed out properly.

Put it in the bathtub, I leave mine in the Kitchen Sink. Heloise and her bucket full of hints would be mortified upon hearing some of the 'let's thaw it out' quickly ideas that have spread around. While we're at it, I would go so far as to mention that turning up your oven to 700 degrees isn't a strong alternative either.

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I did come across a neat little post on Facebook. Becca posted it and it makes sense. If you have a 20-24 pound turkey, rotate old TOM from Freezer to Fridge on Friday, the 19th. If you have a 16-19 pounder, you can wait till Saturday. The smaller the bird the shorter the amount of Fridge Staging necessary. A 12-15 pound Turkey goes in Sunday, November 21st and a 4-11 pound Quail, I mean Smaller Turkey can go to the fridge on Monday, November 22nd.

You know the drill. The fridge is the safest method. Don't forget to put something underneath to catch in case the thawing process leaves some drippage. I've seen a fridge or two in my time, that smells quite 'fowl' if drippings go unnoticed and create a stench in the lower level under the crisper drawer.

Thank you for sharing this diatribe with fellow Thanksgiving chefs. Regardless of how your Turkey comes out, here's hoping time spent with Family and Friends is low stress and High Calorie! Let's get ready for TURKEY!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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