So I need your help. I am invited to a Friendsgiving at our favorite meteorologist's house, Blaise Keller.

The shindig is this Saturday, the 9th. And it's not a traditional Friendsgiving. The main dish is going to be pizza. Which I'm actually totally looking forward to, one more turkey and I might burst.

I said I would bring a dessert of some kind. Here is my reasoning 1. Not many people signed up to bring dessert and 2. I have Friday off so I thought I'd have plenty of time to whip something up.

But now that the event is drawing closer, I just don't know what to bring. I don't bake very often so I'm afraid to try a new recipe and it sucks and I end up buying something from the grocery store. So I thought, maybe I should just skip the middle part and buy something from the grocery store.

WWBKD? (What would Blaise Keller do?)

Plus, there are so many options: cookies, brownies, bars, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecake! So many kinds of cake!

So should I bake something or buy something?

And if you want to leave suggestions in the comments, I sure do appreciate it!

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