On my social media, I had been sharing some of my quarantine cooking pics (Follow me on Instagram @natasha_hot1047 K thanks), but this last weekend, something miraculous happened. I baked!

It's not that I don't like baking, but I have this problem where I can't have just one or two of something. I want all of it. So, if I baked a cake or cookies, I end up eating ALL of it.

But, I was bored so I baked anyway.

I decided to make sugar cookies with unicorn chips. What's a unicorn chip, you ask? Well, you'll see.

Check out my cookie making process!

Sugar Cookie Baking

While I did eat my fair share of cookies, I saved me from myself by giving my downstairs neighbor a big bowl of cookies! You're welcome!

And I learned a couple of giant lessons during this baking experience. Chilling the dough really matters and I should probably get an actual rolling pin.

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