Sioux Falls police were involved in a chase Wednesday night that sounds like it resembled something straight out of the A&E TV show PD Cam.

KSFY TV is reporting that 47-year-old Shane Larson of Sioux Falls is now in custody after a hit-and-run accident turned into a foot pursuit near downtown Sioux Falls on Wednesday night, (June 26).

According to KSFY, Larson was driving a white van near 11th Street and South 1st Avenue when he ran a stop sign. The failure to stop resulted in Larson's vehicle hitting a black car that was also in the process of going through the intersection. The collision caused the black vehicle to do a 360 degree spin in the middle of 11th Street. Larson then proceeded to leave the scene of the accident and continued to drive through downtown before stopping in the area of 10th and Minnesota. With police hot on his trail, Larson jumped out of his vehicle and took off on foot attempting to outrun officers. Authorities soon caught up with him and took Larson into custody.

KSFY reports he is now facing a rather lengthy list of charges that include, hit-and-run, simple assault on law enforcement, and various other drug related charges.

Source: KSFY TV

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