So in my house, there are only and will only ever be two brands of steak sauce we use.

A1 and 57.

I will always prefer A1 over Heinz 57 but these two after all are the most popular steak sauces on the market.

But did you know there's a close copy cat recipe out there for both the cult favorite sauces?

And you probably already have these ingredients in your cupboards at home!

Heinz 57 Mock Sauce Recipe:

The base for this sauce begins with: onion, poblano pepper, garlic, anchovies, and raisins.

Take the time to toast up those spices this helps to unlock the flavor before adding your liquids.

After all the ingredients are cooking together now, keep this going for at least 45 minutes.

You can also pureé the sauce in the pot if you prefer; if not, just transfer it in small batches to the blender and pureé until smooth.

You can also print out the recipe HERE.

Almost Won A1 Recipe:

This recipe is a lot less labor-intensive than the mock 57 sauce. The main flavors according to the recipe from Southern Kitchen's website are Worcestershire, vinegar, and celery seed.

Put all of these together in a pan and reduce until the mixture starts to thicken and then strain it.

The straining step is very important! At this time make sure to take both the garlic and raisins that have all reduced and push them through the strainer to the best of your ability.

"Not only will this step add flavor, but it also gives the sauce its much-needed body."

If you would like the recipe for this A1 sauce you can view it HERE.

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