Dwight Howard decided to opt out of his contract last week with the Houston Rockets in order to enter NBA free agency this summer.

I woke up to a tweet the other morning from a friend who lives in Denver and it read, "Dwight Howard opts out of a $23 million dollar deal in hopes of getting more $. If he does, the nba is a joke."

Although I can't get on board with his constant angst toward the NBA , I can laugh along side him that there will be an NBA team who will pay Dwight Howard a max deal in excess of 25 million per season guaranteed over 5 years.

The fact is that many of us who watch the NBA, who have seen the sharp decline in Howards numbers over time because of injuries and God knows what else, can agree he can't be your first or second best player anymore if we are to believe the last few years will be the height of what the next few years will be.

However, some GM's may over pay to get the name of Dwight Howard, the idea that he can revive his career or that others may want to play with him.

The problem with that is none of it is true. Howard's name today doesn't sell out arenas.

The idea that a 30 year old big man with a recent trail of injuries can revive his career seems like a pipe dream and no one wants to play with him, at least proven winners to this point.

Now, saying all that, two other scenarios could play themselves out this summer. A return to Orlando may be in the cards if the Magic want to play the good ole "I'm Coming Home" campaign with Howard after he experienced his most success with Orlando and reaching an NBA Finals with them as well. To me though, that almost would come off as a rip off version of lebron back to Cleveland.

And, I never rule out anything when it comes to free agency, and what if the opt out wasn't about money for once with Howard and instead he wants to win. So essentially a massive pay cut to play along side the NBA's elite.

I.E. Miami if Whiteside were to leave, or what if Golden State moved on from Andrew Boogut and Howard swallowed his prdie to play along side a 2x MVP and the West champs.

Now that New York has obtained Derrick Rose to pair him along side Carmelo Anthony, we may see a scenario that almost played out a few years ago when all three of those guys almost convened in Chicago with he Bulls.

Or how about this, what if he just wanted to pair up with Lebron and Clevleand or even a return to Houston just for a long term deal all should be in play.

My money though is on massive money in free agency to a team that is not a true contender solely on the past history of Howards actions, but everyone has a right to change and if Howard has, maybe a ‎surprise may await come nba free agency on July 1.

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