I know it may sound ridiculous considering the last decade in Minnesota, but the Timberwolves may have immense success in their future.

Could the Minnesota Timberwolves be the NBA's next SUPER TEAM?

If you look at the formula of the Golden State Warriors, the answer may be yes.

They drafted Klay and Steph in the first round. Both Wiggins and Towns just happened to be #1 overall picks.

Draymond was picked up in the second round and turned out to be the third big piece for their first run at a title.  The Wolves actually have two other lottery picks as complimentary youngsters in Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine and pick in the lottery this year as well.

Now think about this... The Warriors scooped Andre Iguodala in free agency the year before they won the title.  Maybe the Wolves could add a similar piece this off-season or next to take them to the next level.

Once at that level, they have to go in for the kill.  They have to add a superstar that fits the culture, scheme and is willing to defer at times in order to win big.  Exhibit 1: Kevin Durant with Golden State.

Of course, all that is easier said than done, but regardless, the Warriors blueprint is out there and the Wolves have the tools to follow it.


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