Here's a couple of drink ideas for the weekend - and they'll both get you buzzed.

First, Applebee's is offering another cheap booze deal until the end of August: $1 strawberry margaritas. Each one is made with tequila, strawberry, and margarita mix and is served on the rocks in a 10-ounce mug. That's a pretty good deal. It's part of the chain's "Dollarita" promotion. Who could forget the $1 Bahama Mamas in January and $1 Long Island Iced Teas in June?

Do you remember Surge soda? The Mountain Dew competitor came out in the 90's and left the market in 2003. But the high-caffeine drink now back. Burger King now has an exclusive partnership with the citrusy, notalgic soda, and you'll now find it in all the chains that have Coke Freestyle machines. Those are the robotic push button machines that take 10 minutes for a kid to decide.

Cheers - enjoy the weekend!


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