The one and only Here Come the Mummies are coming back to Sioux Falls in the most appropriate month for, know, mummies. On October 12, the famed musical group will begin their traditional march through the crowd to center stage at the District.

The Bob and Tom show favorite never let us down. I partied with a few hundred fans the last time they played the District in May of 2015. I ended up with a t-shirt and the latest download on my phone. That playlist is now a staple for every backyard fire pit gathering in our neighborhood.

Or, perhaps you caught "Mummy fever" at the Orpheum downtown Sioux Falls in 2016. (Thanks Tim Allmendinger for the video memory below)

Thursday, October 12th will definitely be a day for some for some heart-thumpin' funk and the Mummies will deliver. And let's take the next day off. Besides, who wants to work on Friday the 13th anyway?

The tickets go on sale at the District box office NOW, or order safely and securely right here.

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