Smell that? As soon as you walk through the door the unmistakable aroma of chicken, potato, tomato, chowder, or chili. Yep, it's soup season.

But hold on! True soup lovers don't wait for a particular season. And I include myself in that group. We cook and eat soup all year long.

The fall season finds the kitchen to be the busiest room of any home with all the stock pots, cutting boards, and containers coming out of storage.

So what is your go-to soup concoction? If it's made from scratch, set it in front of me.


By the end of November, our house will have no less than 5 different soups, chowders, stews, and bisques in the freezer. We are a house of only 2, but we eat soup all year round.

Looking for a bowl of comfort? How about this Broccoli Cheese recipe that uses a bread bowl?

It's no surprise that South Dakota would take a liking to its state bird with Pheasant Stew

Minnesota taste buds favor one of its prize commodities after the fall harvest of wild rice

For the folks in Iowa, no not just corn, but add in the pork.

Midwest Living has another take on some of the Best Soups of the Midwest, and it may surprise you what our neighboring states like to slurp.

With the holidays approaching, one soup that is popular is Oyster Stew. This one is always a head-scratcher for me. It's a soup NOT a stew!

South Dakota Foods You Must Try

Some foods are distinctly South Dakota. How many of these amazing South Dakota dishes have you tried?!

If you live in South Dakota chances are you've eaten many of the items on this food list.

But if you are visiting our state or if you just haven't gotten around to chowing down on these great eats, you need to get on it.

Some foods are distinctly South Dakotan. Here are the 9 South Dakota Foods You Must Try Before You Check Out …

NO Hot Dog


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