First, let me say this in advance, you're welcome.

With the internet and technology these days, there is a website or app for basically everything!

Here are a few websites I think you should know about. They are huge time savers! So, let's jump right in.

First off. Are you sick of hearing, "What's for dinner?" or just sick of the same old meals on rotation? Or the fridge just isn't as stocked as usual and you just don't know what to throw together? Well, let help you. You just list a bunch of ingredients you do have and then voila! You have dinner plans.

Next,! Have you ever needed to call a customer service phone number and you're just dreading it because you know it's going to be a bunch of prompts and robots etc. Well, this website is basically a cheat sheet to get to a real-life human person. Cool, right?

Ok, so, have you ever wanted to watch an older movie or TV show and thought to yourself, "Is that on Netflix?" or "I wonder if that show I used to love is on a streaming platform somewhere?" Well, will tell you if a movie or show is streaming and where! Wonder no more! It will also just give you recommendations so you don't have to contemplate what to watch for an hour.

The last website I want to tell you about I stumbled upon because of an episode of Glee. One of the characters was wearing the cutest dress and in my search to find the dress, I found It has tons of clothes from TV and movies and where you can buy them!

Source: Buzzfeed

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