From gargling saltwater for sickness or putting peanut butter in your hair to remove gum. Some home remedies seem pretty strange and I often wonder who the person was that came up with them.

Someone was trying to convince me last night that you should put mustard on a burn.

I went back to work late last night and went into the break room to put some food in the fridge.

Part of the overnight cleaning crew asked me if we had any mustard.

I wasn't sure if we had any yellow condiments stocked in the fridge and wasn't sure why she needed it.

I assumed since we were in the kitchen she was going to make a sandwich.

She told me her coworker burnt her arm and she needed the mustard for the burn.

Me: that works?

Her: Yep

Me: I thought you were supposed to put butter on a burn

Her: No! you are never supposed to put butter on a burn it makes it worse.

Me: OK, well I know putting peanut butter in your hair to get gum out doesn't work because my aunt did that to me as a kid and I still had to have it cut out.

No response from her as she was busy applying the mustard to the burn so I returned to my work upstairs.

About an hour later I was getting ready to leave and I saw the woman with the burn covered in mustard.

Me: does it work?

Her: yep

Well there you go, wither it's all in the mind or an actual remedy this burn seemed to be cooled by the magical yellow elixir.

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