Some people have mailboxes with personality.  Take for example this one by my friends house that is definitely very 'Minnesota'.

Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian

Maybe yours has something fun on it.  Or maybe it's one of those mailboxes that is a miniature of your actual house? I love those!

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Well, regardless if yours is basic or if it's one of kind. If you see a sticker on your mailbox, check twice before removing it.  There is a new program in place to help keep mail carriers safe from dogs.

Dog attacks and bites are a much bigger problem for mail carriers than you might think. According to Best Life online over 5,300 postal workers were attacked by dogs last year.

The sticker program started a couple years ago and is slowly rolling out.  Minnesota is one of the first adopters. These stickers are yellow and orange paw print stickers (you can see them on the USPS link below).

The USPS website says:

To Combat this issue, USPS is implementing a Dog Paw program to raise awareness for our Letter Carriers and customers on the risk of dog bites throughout their workday. The program involves using color coded stickers to indicate both the home of a dog as well as the house before a dog’s home, to better prepare the Letter Carrier as they approach the mailbox. An orange sticker tells carriers that there is a dog at this home and the yellow cautions the carrier that there is a dog at the next house.

So even if you have a dog that you think is super friendly and would never bite or attack, you should do your best to keep them leashed or away from the mail carriers to help assure they stay safe.

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