What is one of the worst things that can happen when your going to the bathroom? Being out of toilet paper! We have all had that happen to us at one time or another. As in every home, it's a much needed item. The Tea Trinity Luthern Church wants to make sure that people in the area don't run out.

There is a bit of a competion going on between some churches in the Tea Area. Apperently there is a record for 1.113 rolls collected at a different church and Tea Trinity wants to "wipe" out that record. At last count they had about 300 rolls.

Every roll counts. If you bring in a 12 pack of toilet paper that will account for 12. They are asking for you to bring in the large rolls if you can. They want to get as many as they can before the new pastor comes in next week, so try and bring in as much as you can before 9/18/12.

They toilet paper collected will be donated to the Mobile Food Pantry and the Tea Community Food Pantry.

If you would like to help all you have to do is drop off the toilet paper to Tea Trinity Luthern Church at 335 West 1st St Tea, SD.