The forecast for Thursday (August 9) said there wasn't suppose to be a cloud in the sky. But, if you looked outside there is no blue to be seen, it's a hazy day. It is all thanks to wildfires. Yep, here in south eastern South Dakota we are getting a taste of smoke from western fires.

You might even be able to catch a hint of a smokey smell. People were saying the the sunrise Thursday morning was spectacular, and sunset Thursday night should be marvelous as well.

The National Weather Service said on Facebook that much of North America is experiencing the haze this week.

There are currently fires burning all along the Rocky Mountains. From Idaho, Montana, Wyoming; and into Colorado and New Mexico. There's also fires burning in British Colombia, Canada.

Interactive Wildfire Map
Graphic Via US Forrest Service:

High pressure over the Rockies and north of South Dakota in Canada, combined with a series of low pressure systems to the east of South Dakota is making perfect conditions for some of the smoke to filter west into our skies.

Weather Map 080918
Grapic Via National Weather Service


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