It’s not what Governor Dennis Daugaard said in his annual budget address last week, but what he didn’t say that concerns state Representative Paula Hawks, a Democrat from Hartford.

“Some things I was hoping to hear about and didn’t hear a lot aboutwereEducation funding and what we’re going to do about the teacher shortage that’s on everyone’s mind right now, and particularly on the minds of school boards and superintendents across the state,” Hawks said. “So I was looking to hear a little bit more from him on that, a little bit more than 'I’m not going to lead the charge on that.'”

The corporate trainer and former schoolteacher said she also wanted to hear more about Medicaid expansion as well. She also said the address was “vanilla.”

However, it is an interim legislative committee’s recommendation to find $100 million in new taxes and revenue sources for repairing the state’s roads and bridges that might be the real test for legislators — and the governor.

“Hundred million dollarsintaxesincreases, that’s pretty hard to swallow, that’s going to be pretty hard for anyone to swallow,” Hawks said. “I think that we have a lot of discussion coming our way on this topic.”

Hawks says that Gov.Daugaardhas said that he “will hear what we have to say and he’ll put his input into it.” However, she thinks there’s “going to be a lot of back and forth until we come to any agreement.”

Hawks says the roads and bridges situation has gotten to the point where legislators “need to put their foot down” and deal with the problem.

Hawks was re-elected to a second term last month by eight votes after a recount. She made her comments on KSOO-AM’s Viewpoint University program Monday.