You would think Margarita Day would coincide with Cindo de Mayo, but hey, this way we have two excuses to drink a delicious margarita!

Margaritas are made with triple sec, tequila, and lime juice and were created in 1938 in Mexico.

According to a survey from National Today,  "Two-thirds of people prefer frozen margaritas to ones on the rocks.  And only 3% of people JUDGE you for ordering a frozen one."

I have to admit, I prefer the frozen ones. And I like them flavored. Strawberry or Mango or Watermelon! Yum!

Also in the survey, "26% of us always lick the salt off the rim and 14% never lick the salt."

I don't usually lick the salt because I drink a margarita with a straw. I wonder if that is the norm to drink a margarita with a straw? Honestly, I think the salt is just a decoration. However, most of the time with a flavored margarita, they use sugar!

And I don't know about you, but I like my margarita with a taco or at least some delicious chips and salsa! Muy delicioso!

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