Yesterday was National Selfie Day (June 21, 2021) and I celebrated by attending Selfie WRLD's National Selfie Day Party!

Selfie WRLD is located in the Empire Mall and they have 12 built-in booths and 11 backdrops to choose from to make all your photos super fun!

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The party had a live DJ, professional photographers, a neon sign giveaway, and refreshments. Taking selfies is hard work, gotta stay hydrated!

Selfie WRLD's concept is pretty cool. When we walked in, they handed me a little red clicker that synced to my phone via Bluetooth, so I could take all the photos myself. Therefore, yes, technically, they are all selfies without having to reach my arm out weirdly! It was a little tricky to use the clicker, yet hide it in the photo. It's an acquired skill. One, I have yet to master.

You use your own phone or camera so all the photos are yours. Selfie WRLD doesn't do anything with them. The best part, the clicker works on the Boomerang app too! I love a good Boomerang.

Each booth comes with a ring light and phone holder that you can adjust to your liking.

However, if you bring a friend, they can be your photographer too! Or have them get in on the photo action with you!

You can pay by a half-hour or hour.

Sure, Selfie WRLD is great just for fun to make your Instagram real cute, but it would be great for family photos or senior pics too! You can bring as many different outfits as you want!

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