What is 82 Day, you ask? Well, it is a day to celebrate long time Dallas Cowboy, Jason Witten. He wears 82 proudly and because today is 8/2 it is his day!

I've always liked the Dallas Cowboys, but Jason Witten is certainly my favorite not just because he's a good football player, but also because he seems to be a good guy. He's never been part of a scandal that pro athletes sometimes find themselves in. He's never assaulted anyone or had an Ashley Madison account. I mean, he just seems like he's cool.

Jason Witten is 35 and has played tight end for Dallas since 2003.

Jason Witten is married to a woman named Michelle who is an emergency room nurse. I mean how cool are these people? Her husband is a pro football player and she still works (at least according to Wikipedia). Together they have four children, C.J., Cooper, Landry, and Hadley Grace.

This last football season when the Cowboys were actually good and made it to the playoffs, I was most bummed they lost because of Jason Witten. He has spent his whole career with this team and remains loyal and he's getting old for an athlete and all he wants is that ring! Get it together, guys! Do it for Witten!

The team does respect the veteran player though. Check out this video where they show him some love!

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