(Real quick, can we focus on the part of that video where Jason Witten had a broken jaw and only missed one game! He only missed one game ever! And they basically forced him to sit it out! His face was broken and he still wanted to play!)

It is a sad day in my life. It is a sad day for football. Jason Witten from the Dallas Cowboys announced his retirement yesterday.

Seriously? Do I even like the Cowboys anymore? Or did I just like Jason Witten? My whole life is upside down now.

A lot of people always asked why I liked him so much. Here is why:

1. He was pretty much scandal free. No Ashley Madison accounts or yachts with prostitutes or domestic violence allegations for Mr. Witten.

2. He has such a cute family.

3. He overcame a rough childhood. He had an abusive father and was sent to live with his grandparents. His grandfather just so happened to be a football coach.

4. He's not ugly.

5. This reason is random, but go with me here. There used to be a show on ESPN called Battle of the Gridiron Stars. Various NFL players were pitted against each other in various, random athletic events. In one such event, Jason Witten throws tires hella far and everyone is amazed! But not Jason. He was like what's the big deal. And ever since then, I just thought he seemed like a cool guy.

6. This quote from his retirement press conference yesterday, "To all the Dallas Cowboys fans around the world, for 15 years I tried to represent you the right way, bring you joy and win you a championship. While I leave today falling short of that mark, I hope that along the way I made you proud to be a Dallas Cowboys fan." So many feels! I'm still proud, Jason!

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett couldn't even keep it together at the press conference yesterday. Jason obviously made an impact on so many people, which is evidenced by all the kind words being said on social media!


This isn't the last we will see of Jason, though. He is becoming an analyst for ESPN Monday Night Football.

And there is always a chance he will be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars!

Just know, that I will always love you, Jason! #ThankYou82

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