I know I can't be the only one that is slightly uncomfortable with these self-driving cars. First of all, I like to drive. Secondly, I just can't muster enough faith in a self-driving car to ever want to own one. If I did have one and the autopilot was engaged, I'd be so paranoid, I may as well just be driving the damn thing.

According to Kenosha News, this guy from Illinois doesn't seem to have the same reservations and/or fear of self-driving vehicles. Kenosha Police got a call about someone sleeping behind the wheel. Sounds pretty routine, except the guy was on I-94 traveling at a speed of 82 mph.

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The first attempt to pull this guy over was unsuccessful, even though they were behind the Tesla with lights and sirens going. So, the Kenosha Police officers pulled up next to the speeding Tesla and noticed the 38-year-old driver was fast asleep behind the wheel. His head was actually hanging down and tilted to the right.

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After finally getting the sleeping driver pulled over, he denied he had been asleep.  None the less, he was ticketed for inattentive driving. It turns out that this guy had been reported twice before for being asleep behind the wheel. The first time, he also denied being asleep and was not ticketed. The 2nd time he reached the state line before he could be pulled over.

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