A California man is mad enough about his experience with a local dental office that he decided attention needed to be brought to the community. Something to tell them to not go to that office.

So, he grabbed a sign, and the loudest thing he could think of - his guitar - and set up shop right outside the front door of Western Dental and Orthodontics.

A video of his performance has gone viral, shared and reposted by hundreds of people. In the video, Layne Barton stands on the sidewalk, shredding away on his guitar, and as some cars go by, he grabs a sign.

As her turns, you can see his sign reads "Western Dental Sucks."

Loudwire via TikTok
Loudwire via TikTok

Barton told KMPH that he wasn't just trying to get back at the orthodontists, but wants to protect others from going through what he did.

He said his problems have gone on for months. Once he couldn't get answers or calls returned to him, he decided to make a scene.

“The first appointment was really good, we got in and out, but every appointment after that has been over an hour or two hours late,” said Barton. “I got there one time and they just totally lost his appointment. They would cancel your appointment and not call you, so you get down there and waste a whole day.”


What really pissed him off, he says, is when the orthodontist told him his son needed a tooth moved with a chain, or the tooth would die.

“Got a surgery in Fresno, ordered by the orthodontist here. We got back, the orthodontist said, ‘Oh it’s wrong, he’s got to have another one.’ And so we said okay, I don’t know what else to do so we just went along with it. We went down to Fresno and the surgeon says, ‘No, that’s correct, that’s how it should be," he told KMPH.

So, they went to another orthodontist, who told him the same thing as a surgeon - no more surgery was necessary. Barton went on to try and request records from the office, but says he was ignored. That's when he packed up his guitar and drove over.

It turns out, this isn't his first time using his guitar to protest. The first time, was because a former boss refused to pay him. It worked that time, and it's worked this time.

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