Ever since Mel left, I have been getting calls, texts and emails from people all offering to be a guest host for a day. I'm not sure why.

Sitting in with me for a morning might be similar to watching sausage being made. You might really like sausage, but believe me, you don't want to watch it get made. But if you're really up for putting up with getting up super early one morning and put up with my cranky ass, here is your chance.

I have come up with what I call the Morning Show Asinine Test or MSAT for short. You'll have to score at least 75 percent on the test to be eligible. The best of the best will then be submitted to an oral examination, physical fitness test, and urine test (just kidding).

If you pass the test you'll have a chance to come in and co-host one day with me next week. Our new co-host starts on April 15th so this will be the last chance to do it.

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