When it comes to job searching, many people consider the perks when seeking an employer. One boss recently upped employee morale at their company by offering 30-minute daily masturbation breaks during their shift.

Adult film director Erika Lust took to Instagram detailing that after a successful year under the new policy, she is now offering free sex toys to her employees as well.

Lust noted she enacted the policy of allowing employees to pleasure themselves on the clock because she "values her employees," according to the Mirror.

She added that it has helped increase productivity and made employees less aggressive while at work.

"Remember I started to give my staff a daily 30-minute masturbation break last May? This year, we've decided to revamp our special work perk with the help of my friends from Fun Factory and their cheeky toys," the Swedish director wrote via Instagram.

⁠"Will you join us? Go to my link in bio to learn more and maybe you'll find a sexy discount for yourself on the way," she continued.

See below:

Her followers commented on the special perk, with many wishing their workplace had the same policy.

"I wish my job had that," one person wrote, while another commented: "I wanna work for you!"

Meanwhile, another company gives their employees a paid nap during their shift as a perk.

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda sent an email to his employees at Wakefit in India letting them know they will be given a chance to take a daily nap while on the job.

According to the email shared via LinkedIn, the subject line read: "Announcing Your ‘Right to Nap.'"

According to Ramalingegowda, the company has “been in the business of sleep for over six years,” but has “failed to do justice to a crucial aspect of rest — the afternoon nap.”

"We have always taken naps seriously, but starting today, we will be taking things up a notch," he wrote. He explained the company seeks to “normalize afternoon naps at work,” and therefore every employee will be able to take a daily snooze between 2:00PM to 2:30PM.

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