People dumping trash on country roads and in tree lines has ticked me off since I was a kid. It seems to have gotten worse.

I was driving the gravel roads a couple weekends ago looking for some place to film a short video. I've driven these gravel roads countless times over the years, and it looks like some things haven't changed.

The beautiful sunrises and sunsets with tree line silhouettes are the kind of natural nature paintings are made of. There was also a few things that have changed on the roads like signage. There had never been speed limit signs on the gravel I was used to traveling.

Let me get back to something that seems to be the same. Stupidity!

I came across multiple TV's tossed in tree lines, large appliances, bags of trash, a car bumper, and furniture. Some neatly tucked away in tree lines, some dumped in ditches, and most of it just right there on the road.

The first trash I came across I wasn't even 2 miles south of Harrisburg and a full couch was right there on the side of the road. The couch dumpers must not have had the muscle to make it all the way into the ditch.

I figured they were rookies and I decided to make a helpful list.

Tip Number 1: Bring enough muscle to nudge large items out of the road. You are obviously mentally weak, but that doesn't mean you have to be physically weak.

Tip Number 2: If you didn't bring enough muscle to get your trash all the way into a ditch or a tree line just ask for help. Most of us would love to give you a hand. Don't worry if you see a sign posted on a fence or treeline that warns of a dog or no trespassing. The hidden meanings of these signs usually translate in country folk speak from beware of dog and no trespassing to: we have extra fresh baked cookies and we love to lend a hand to littering losers.

Tip Number 3: Most of these messes are a more than one person job. You somehow have found someone stupid enough not to stop you, but to actually go along with helping you. I bet you could miraculously find a way to get these things to a landfill. You may even muster enough brain cells to set up a go fund me page helping you to make this financially possible. My guess is you are replacing the items you dumped with replacement or new items. If you can afford new appliances, but can't afford proper disposal of old items you aren't ready for the upgrade sport. If it's a matter of laziness not only are you not ready for nice things you are really not deserving of having any things.

Tip Number 4: There is some sage advice about not messing with the chef since your food passes through their hands. You are dumping your trash on the land that belongs to people responsible for putting food on your table.The people who own and work where you have chosen to chuck your stuff don't have time to pick up after you. They work in a way that you more than likely have never been a part of. I will actually guarantee you have never worked like they do. If you understood their way of life you wouldn't even consider dumping your trash for them to deal with.

Tip Number 5: Try not to be stupid.

This is obviously not real advice and you shouldn't take any of it other than number 5 that one is sound advice.

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