The geese in Sioux Falls can be messy, irritating, and occasionally mean. The also possess enough attitude to stop traffic.

I was driving up the hill south of the Big Sioux River on Cliff Avenue on Saturday around 5:45 pm. Strangely traffic was suddenly slowed to a crawl in the left land. I could not tell why until I crept a little further and saw two Canada geese crossing the road. No biggie, I thought. They'll finish their jaywalk and we'll move on. But they didn't.

None of the cars were moving. After ten seconds that seemed like five minutes, a car that was four or five spots ahead of me moved into the center turning lane, went around something, then merged back into the left lane.

This continued until it was my turn. That's when I saw the geese, one of which I got a quick photo of while slowly passing, had changed course and had merged with traffic instead of crossing the street. Each of the flying rats was walking southbound in the center of their respective lanes, cutting off all vehicles operated by a humane driver. They obviously didn't care. They were there and we had to wait.

It was the strangest interaction I have ever had with geese except for the one that bit me in the ass in Denver.

In case you are wondering, this is not satire, this really happened to me on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

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