You either love M. Night Shymalan's movies or you don't. It seems there is no middle ground when it comes to his films.

No matter where you fall on the like or dislike of Shymalan's work you have to appreciate the brilliance of his ability to tie these three movies together that span over 19 years.

That being said you don't want to start with watching 'Glass' first.

I'd recommend watching them in the order they were released, and watch 'Unbreakable' which came out in 2000.

Then watch the most disturbing of the three movies and watch 2016's 'Split'.

After leaving the theater today after seeing 'Glass' I will stick to my time tested movie gauge and not trust the reviews.

I saw all sorts of  headlines and percentages about 'Glass' and I try to steer clear of reading or watching any reviews before seeing a movie.

For me 'Glass' is my favorite of the three, but they are all great.

I am in awe of Shymalan's story telling ability, and for not just keeping my attention for a couple hours but keeping it for 19 years.

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