The Internet has long been a place to anonymously talk smack or admit to things you normally wouldn't. It's also a place that's cool. Even if you think the police aren't cool, they know about the Internet, including Twitter.

20-year-old Emma Way was driving around a corner in Norwich, England when a bunch of cyclists came riding by. She hit one of them with her car, 29-year-old Toby Hockley. He was sent flying off his bike but was not badly hurt. Emma had no idea because she fled the scene.

When Emma got home she posted this tweet:

Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier - I have right of way he doesn't even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists

Not sure if she intended the #bloodycyclists as a pun in poor taste or not. I am sure she didn't think that police in England know about Twitter. They replied to her:


Twitter[/caption]There is no word yet on whether she will be charged with the hit and run incident. If she hadn't tweeted about it she probably would have gotten away with it because Toby didn't report the accident. He didn't want his girlfriend to worry about him while riding.

Since her stupid tweet went viral, Emma has shut down her Twitter account.

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