A huge asteroid named 'God of Chaos' will fly-by earth in 2029. With a name like that, what could go wrong? Scientists at NASA are tracking this 1,110-foot-wide asteroid named for the Egyptian god and say it'll pass withing 19,000 miles of earth. That's really not that far away. Heck, I put that many miles on my moped when I was 14.

They say everything will be fine, but scientists at the Planetary Defense Conference are already preparing for the event, according to Fox News.

The asteroid will be visible to the naked eye and will look like a moving star point of light, according to NASA.

It should buzz earth on April 13, 2029. Just in case, I'm not buying green bananas the day before.

By the way, NASA says it will return in 2060. The odds of it actually hitting earth at that time will be 1 in 100,000.

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