Thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak our 'things-to-do' lists have been cut back dramatically lately.

But there is one thing you can put on your calendar with 100 percent certainty that it will not be canceled or postponed.

It's the latest Pink Moon coming to a sky near you in April. says the supermoon is scheduled to make an appearance the night of Tuesday, April 7, beginning at sundown (which is 8:01 PM in Sioux Falls) with peak illumination at about 9:35 PM.

The so-called pink moon is the biggest and brightest moon of the year, but it won't actually resemble anything in the reddish family. The look of the moon will transition from golden to bright white as the evening progresses.

The name actually comes from the time of the year the moon appears - during the early spring bloom of Phlox subulata, or moss pink, a wildflower native to eastern North America.

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