Gas prices nationally are on the rise while South Dakota saw on a slight increase to start the month of March.

The price of gas only rose 1.2 cents to $2.544 in South Dakota over the previous week. Nationally the price of gas is going up by as much as 9 cents.

“2018 has seen fluctuating crude oil prices, strong gasoline demand and new U.S. oil production records creating a volatile gas price market from month to month for consumers,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA South Dakota spokesperson. “Typically, March brings more expensive pricing as days get longer, weather gets warmer and refinery’s gear up to switchover to pricier summer blends.”

Ohio went up the most with 9 cents per gallon followed by Indiana at 8 cents, Georgia at 5 cents, and Alaska and Kansas both went up 4 cents.

Gas prices only decreased in four states: Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota and North Dakota.

The most expensive gas in the country is $3.50 in Hawaii, $3.35 in California, and $3.06 in Alaska.

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