I was invited to go to the Ladies Night Out fundraiser for The Furniture Mission of South Dakota. 

As the name would imply, it was a female only event at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown. I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never been, but it was really fun and informative.

The evening starts out with socializing, drinks, and perusing the furniture up for auction. Some of it is refurbished or antique furniture from the mission and some is new furniture donated by very generous sponsors.

Then there was a brief program about what The Furniture Mission does followed by a very nice dinner and dessert, which was all very delicious.

Then it was time for the silent auction. The furniture was blocked off into different colored sections and each section had 20 minutes for bidding. You could write your name down on the silent auction paper or you could just buy it outright at the max price! I had my eye on a couple of pieces but was quickly outbid, but that's a good thing because all the money was going to a great cause.

I also learned a lot about what The Furniture Mission does. They help people get into homes and get those essential pieces of furniture to live. They also give these families home starter packs full of cleaning supplies and toiletries. So smart.

If you didn't want to donate by buying furniture, you could also buy one of the gorgeous floral centerpieces! Or as always, they take monetary donations online.


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