Kids are loud, expensive, tiring, wonderful, frustrating, and a couple dozen more adjectives. But they are also funny.

I saw this guy this morning asked by his parents what he thinks of the baby in his mom's belly. He said he was "undecided." That immediately reminded me of the things that have randomly come out of my kids mouths.

The most memorable thing my daughter Jackie has said was "Why does Rockley's poop stink so bad?"

Rockley, my middle kid, would point out the window and say "Trucks!" Except he didn't say trucks, the word he used rhymed with trucks but started with an F.

Esia, our baby, has said funny stuff but I don't remember anything specific except that whenever he gets told know he responds with "I just don't care" and then slumps down into a kneeling position. It's completely out of context when he doesn't get a cookie, but still amusing.


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