In my life I have had lots of small experiences doing things that aren't breathing into a microphone or clicking a mouse.

In high school I threw bales, detassled corn and sprayed beans. During college I poured concrete, performed demolition, and cooked pizza. As a homeowner I have twice tiled in the bathroom, I have installed light fixtures in ceilings where there were none, and even built a garden shed.

Never in my life have I welded. Until last Friday.

I wanted to make some T-shaped clay bird target holders out of rebar, a cheap and simple project. But I don't weld, have never welded, nor do I own a welder. The only welder I know (that I know of) is a former intern of mine, Diann Hofer. She works with her husband Tyler at their shop T.H. Custom Manufacturing outside of Canistota.

I asked if they could do it, which of course they could. But she thought it would be more fun to turn the tables on me and make me into the "intern" and have me attempt welding for the first time.

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