I'll go ahead and say this, I've not actually been to The Green Door in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I know, it's a right of passage for the city, but, I'm not a big strip club guy. I do, however, hear great things about the establishment and that it's a great time. Maybe I'm missing out. What I'm not missing out on, are these great Yelp Reviews for the establishment.

I should note that some of these comments are edited to make it more safe for work. You can probably use context clues for words I change to save the innocent.

"Small liquor shop...The owner seems nice enough, but what's really amusing is that the place is directly connected to a strip club inside...HILARIOUS!(For the record, I did not partake)." *Alright, coming out the gate with a real review. 4 Stars is nice.

"Without a doubt, the most incredible place on Earth. A must see for anyone passing through Cheyenne, Wyoming. Not sure if strippers are using a pull up bar or a towel rack, but it is a sight to see regardless." *I can envision the towel rack situation now. Doesn't seem OSHA approved.

"As a local, it's a rite of passage to go to The Green Door. I've been many times (not a regular mind you as I don't want repeated tetanus shots). Beer is served in a can, and the dancers are well...legendary for being unattractive. There is a local legend of a one-legged stripper attributed to this place although each time I've been I haven't seen her (I'd ask for an autograph). As stated before, they don't have a pole in the joint. It's a towel rack on the ceiling. I hope you like 80's hair band music, because that's what the dancers select on the jukebox (no DJ, and yes they have to pay the machine)." *Back to that towel rack. This guy only gave one star with all that not so negative detail.

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"Pros: Bartender was nice, got a free shot (it was a friends bday), dumpster area outside was a nicer restroom than the restroom inside, not too busy" *A clean restroom can be a deal breaker for some. Not sure how this is a pro...

"Cons: Music selection, too much light, towel rack on ceiling used in lieu of a pole, no apparent weight limit required for dancers, stage too small for four dancers (suggest one dancer at a time, this will also eliminate work place injuries), restroom reminded me of train spotting, home made thongs aren't acceptable, no apparent dental plan, tattooed boob(s), cover charge." *I think they're going to have to do something about the towel rack. They keep getting dinged on that. Maybe someone can start a crowd sourcing page for a replacement?

"I got crabs once just looking at the door and I was still in my car." * I don't think that's how that works. I don't think that's how any of this works.

Seems like the one glaring comment is the towel rack they, ahem, work with, needs to go.

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